Cakes Melbourne

In Melbourne cakes usually form a part of every celebration, Weddings, Engagements, Christenings, 21st Birthdays, Childrens Birthdays and Themed Novelty Birthdays.
The main attraction at these cheerful events is the cake, however have you ever wondered who invented this sweet enjoyment? Probably not!
Some historians are of the opinion that the origin of the birthday cake took place in ancient Greece. it is believed that Greeks prepared honey cakes and beads to celebrate the occasion.
In Ancient times the cake was very different from what we have today.
Birthday cakes are usually highlighted with a persons name and carry a message of congratulations but the cake itself can take any shape or form.
Deciding on the design of the cake is the first step to organising the cake for your special event. For Birthday cakes this can be a simple design or can be a novelty cake based on the persons hobby or occupation. Christening cakes are often theme according to the invitation, color scheme of the reception or a childs toy or childrens characters.
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