Cake Pricing

All pricing is listed for each product on this website. Prices display as either a starting price or a price range. The lowest price applies to the smallest serving size available for that cake.
For each product there is a choice of flavours specific to that cake and if available a range of sizes available with the appropriate pricing for that serving size.
With some cakes there are additional options to choose from and each option will state the extra price to be added on top of the cake price for that option.
When browsing the site click on any of the pictures to view pricing and flavour options.  At the bottom of the product page there will be further information regarding that product.
Prices are structured and with the vast number of products on our website, sometimes pricing errors do occur. So if a product you are looking at appears to have an incorrect price displayed please do not order it thinking that you will get it at that price when it clearly does not fit with the other prices displayed, we reserve the right to correct it to the actual price or cancel the order, depending on the error.